Thursday, 28 April 2016

BCBGMAXAZRIA: bold, tailored, beautiful - an all time favourite.

There's this fantastic Mall in Spain that I go to everytime I'm visiting the area, and I've always wandered past the BCBGMAXAZRIA store and drooled (in an ever so classy manner of course) over the outfits in the windows. Always feeling too 'poor' to enter I forever refrained from stepping inside - until a year ago. I did not regret this decision; I tried on many a dress, felt like a princess, and was treated well with friendly staff who did everything they could to help. 

Ever since I have longed for their designs, wanting to own one for myself, but not having yet found the funds. Instead I lust over what I can see online, and long to once again set foot in another of their stores and try on their garments as though I'm there to buy (and one day, to actually purchase something for real).

I spotted these dresses last night (or should I say, in the early hours of this morning) and immediately decided they'd be a part of my next review. They are elegant, beautiful tailored with bold lines, and classy; they ooze confidence and sophistication, yet have a price tag I can't argue at being too expensive (considering their design, quality and Brand). 

Feeling bold? Opt for Larkspur Blue or Bright Poppy as a colourful alternative to Black

Available in Black, Larkspur Blue, or Bright Poppy

The high cut split up the skirt allows the leg to peak through seductively, adding an element of mystery and a sense of seduction. The high neck line keeps this garment sophisticated; it covers up the cleavage and instead, lets the open back 'do the talking' - which along with the sleeveless design gives it a younger, sexier vibe without being too risky. 

The folds at the front of the dress provide another focal point to the garment, perhaps helping to subtly draw the eye down to any leg that may be showing. It also gives the dress more shape and prevents it from being completely flat in colour as it adds shadows and contrast in shades.

Available at Bloomingdales - links are provided through out the review
RRP in all colours £290.06

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